Experience Flying Lessons with Paragliding!!

Apart from airplanes there are some activities that can carry you up in the air and provides a good opportunity to admire the vast panorama beneath you and beautiful sky above your head. You can glimpse the line of the horizon while enjoying the gush of cool air on your face.  Paragliding is an adventurous sport that can beat the noise, crowd, traffic, and clutter of daily life as everyone wants some rest and peace of mind in a nature friendly atmosphere. Paragliding flight provides you some silent moments under the superb guidance of a professionally trained instructor who is responsible for taking concern of every technical aspect with your safety. You only have to obey the instruction and expel every negative thought out of your mind while enjoying the beauty of the landscape.
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Paragliding in India is getting popular day after day. You can find various places in India that are suitable for paragliding. Below mentioned are some of them:

Billing: located at Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh, it is considered as the most apposite place. You can visit there between March to May of every year.

Manali: situated at the central part of Himachal Pradesh and 280 km far from Shimla, this place is well known as hill station but paragliding lovers came here to enjoy the activity as the weather is pretty cool and appropriate for paragliding.

Panchgani, Maharastra: Panchgani is a hill station located 18 km far from Mahabaleshwar. It is also an ideal place for paragliding lessons.

You can also join any flying club as the trainers of these clubs focus on your safety. They will tell you all the basic of paragliding in India and will make you aware regarding the wind condition and bad weather. Under their proper guidance and vigilant surveillance, you will be able to fly like a free bird where sky will be your only limit!!