Shoot with Colors, get yourself Drenched in the War of Paintballs

Paint ball, a very colorful and dynamic adventure game is mightily being appreciated in India. Few years back, no one would have heard about paint ball, but now it is being established and encouraged in every city. The game is simple, the rules are simple, there is no technicality involved, no proficient needed, yet this game is in vogue for the exact same reasons.

One of the best places to try your hand in this game is Gurgaon. Paint balls in Gurgaon have the best facility and amenities.  Paintball is a fun game where there would be two teams of two member minimum in each tea. You will be given costume, headgear and guns to play. All you have to do it target your rival team and shoot them. The fun part is paintballs explodes when you hit the opponent. The game ends when all the members of a team lose (dies). Isn’t that fun?
365 HOPS
Paintballs in Gurgaon are advanced. You will actually feel like you are in a military combat. There are levels. Each level has different patterns such has dodging the mine, collecting flags, rescuing your head etc. You will be provided with a referee and his word will be final.

The games are divided into three - 30 minutes, 1 hour and 1.5 hours.  Paintballs is the easiest of all adventure sports yet you will end up in a world war with your friends. That’s the best part. There is no age limit; anyone can play. All you need is choose a game level, the hour and few crazy friends and there you go, you will be provided with limited balls to shoot and if your balls gets over and you still have time, you can reload with new balls just by paying little extra.

Such fun game is best available in Gurgaon. A fresh experience with lots of fun, drama and laughter!