Living in a metropolitan requires a lot out of your life. You need to keep working, and pushing, and running to stay in the rat race. To be at the top is everyone's endeavour; to survive everyday's challenges is everybody's goal. But if you keep straining so much there will come a breaking point, the way you don't continuously run a machine for the fear of overheating you cannot force your body to keep working. Everybody needs a break. Everyone has to relax.

With the number of gazetted holidays on the rise and some falling before or after the weekends you can plan a recreational weekend getaway for your family to take the edge off. We have compiled a list of 10 adventurous places within easy reach of the capital where you can escape off to and forget about your stressful life within Delhi/NCR.

The starting point of the sacred "Char Dham Yatra", this holy city is known for the Ganges flowing with life giving force. You can take a bus and reach in a span of 5-6 hours or simply drive to this sanctuary of all that is held in sanctity and enjoy a day or two of complete relaxation or adventure.
Since the flow of the river Ganges is pretty fierce here you can do all sorts of water activities and take part in water sports, like river rafting, river crossing, kayaking, canoeing, etc. You can go body surfing in the calmer parts of the river or cliff jumping into the fresh water. One can even try bungee jumping here at "Jumping Heights", which is the tallest bungee tower in India. Other activities include trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, wildlife walks, etc.

Established in 1936, this is India's oldest national park. An abode for the majestic tiger it offers a quaint weekend retreat for utter relaxation. You can put up at the many resorts around the sanctuary. The resorts too offer packages for fun activities like hot air ballooning, river crossing, etc. You can also go camping in the wild environs and the safari which takes you through the heart of Corbett is always the favorite choice amongst all the tourists.

It's a small hamlet 22km from Nainital, raised at an elevation of 1370m (4000ft). The name "Sattal" literally means 7 lakes. There is a network of 7 interconnected freshwater lakes in this region, which is surrounded by grand oaks and sentinel pines. The place is amazing for trekking and camping and other adventurous activities.

You can go fishing here, row a boat, watch exotic birds, etc. and enjoy the hospitality of the smiling faces of the locals.

Situated at 2000m above the sea level, Manali has emerged as a famous hill station resort over the years with the increase in tourism. A popular destination for the newlyweds with a plethora of choices in cosy lodges and resorts, Manali is also frequented by families for a beautiful getaway from the polluted air of the cities. There a lot of recreational activities you can indulge in like camping, skiing at Rohtang Pass, yak safari, trekking, rafting, etc. One cannot miss the chance to take a relaxing dip into the sulphur springs of Vashisht or go to Solang valley for adventure activities.
Mussoorie is called the "Queen of Hills" and is made famous by Ruskin Bond's many books featuring the eerie Mall road and foggy paths. It was a hill retreat of the British and is said to be haunted by the spirits of the departed patrons. It is quite an adventure if you believe in ghosts and want to visit haunted places.
Apart from the eerie surroundings, Mussoorie has a lively social life and great trails for nature walks, treks, and sightseeing. You can visit the Kempty Falls and splash about or take the trolley up to Gun Hills or simply hike to Lake Mist.

Situated in Rajasthan, this place is most famous for the Keoladeo National Park also known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary where you can spend a relaxed weekend looking for birds like the Siberian Crane and many more, as they undertake their migration from the colder climates up north to lay eggs in the warmer climates of the tropics.

Apart from bird watching you can visit the local heritage sites and find out about the Jat history of the place.

It's a reservoir lake built at Sohna in Gurgaon and is fed by rainwater running off the Aravali range. The best time to visit this place is October till March. There are many adventure sports facilities around the lake like, parasailing, kayaking, angling, cycling and walking around the Aravalis, rock climbing, etc.
There are also sulphurous hot water springs around the lake which have a mythological back history which says that Pandava prince Arjuna shot an arrow into the ground to extract water because he was thirsty.

The adventure hub, Dehradoon is nestled between the two arteries of India i.e. the Ganges and the Yamuna rivers. It is a pleasant place for trekking, walking around, sightseeing, etc. You should totally experience the rejuvenating waters of "Sahastradhara", which literally means a thousand streams. There are numerous dripping pores which form a sulphurous lake at their base. It is said to be created by Dronacharya and is known to have healing properties.

This is a small hill station located in the Pauri-Garhwal district and is not over developed like other hill stations. It's a quaint little place perfect for an enervating outing with your family. You can trek through the misty, jade green woods, enjoy the fauna, and breathe in the non polluted air of this place. You can visit the places like the "Jwalpa Devi Temple", " Durga Devi Temple", "Tarkeshwar Mahadev", "Karnava Ashram", etc.
Try out the local sweets like chocolate which is not the cocoa sweets you buy. Also taste a local sweet called the “BAL Mithai" which is their special chocolate sprinkled with sugar balls.

274km and one hell of a journey away, lies Bhangarh nestled among hills on three sides and a narrow pathway approaching the main gate on one. The place if ripe with rumors of being haunted by the spirit of one jilted magician who fell in love with the queen of the Bhangarh Fort. Being snubbed by Her Highness the lover is said to have cursed the town which is said to have led to its ruined condition of today.
This is a very eerie place and great for a ghost busting adventure trip if you are of a more solid countenance. Take the road to this allegedly haunted place and we are sure you will forget all about your tensions back home.