The Rising Popularity of Bungee Jumping in India

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you would certainly enjoy the thrilling experience of freefalling from a bridge or crane while being attached to an elastic twine. Known as bungee jumping, one side of the elastic string is tied to the jumper’s body while the other side is tied to a stationary point at the jumping station. Over the last few years, bungee jumping in India has gained a lot of popularity among masses. There are several places where experts organize the adventure sport while taking care of all the safety measure as well as promoting the sport. When performed carefully and under professional guidance, bungee jumping can provide an exhilarating experience.
bungee jumping in india
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Let us discusses the most famous places for Bungee Jumping in India

  1. Rishikesh in Uttarakhand
  2.  Palace Grounds in Bangalore
  3. Wanderlust in New Delhi
  4. Goa

As far as the best and most suitable time for bungee jumping is concerned, one can go for it in the months between February and May or between September and November. One must avoid the adventure sport in the months of monsoon.
bungee jumping
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Some of the tips and tricks that must be kept in mind are listed below:

  1. Make sure that you do not wear loose clothes, hat, short skirts or accessories while performing the sport. You must also ensure that you shoes are tied perfectly to your fee.
  2.  Check all the bungee gears properly for their safety as well as quality.
  3.  If you have severe back ache, suffer from fear of heights or high blood pressure, you must take care of your health and consult a doctor before performing the sport.
  4. If you are above the age of 50 years, you will have to submit a medical certificate declaring that you are fight to perform the sport.