Trekking near Bangalore – Convenient, Quick and Gives a Different Kind of Experience Altogether

Whenever we think of Trekking in India, we imagine a beautiful Kashmir valley trail high in the lap of the Himalayan ranges, covered by snow clad mountains, surrounded by beautiful hills and acres and acres of green pastures, strewn by few grazing deer or mountain goats along the path. Yes, this is a perfect picturesque.  Trekking is a beautiful experience and for the adventurers, it gives a feeling of contentment and sheer pleasure.
But due to time constraints, climatic changes and altitude sickness issues, there are many less fortunate people who, albeit being hard core adventurers, are not able to experience this wonderful sport. To such people – Friends!! The search has come to an end.  Because, 365 Hops, an amazing sport and related event organizing forum has come up with quite a few amazing treks down south with most feasible options and facilities.
Yes, little did we know that Karnataka is a lovely trekking spot in India? People flock from all over the country just for these mini and invigorating trekking expeditions. Trekking near Bangalore is the most ideal zone in Karnataka. Bangalore is ideal for many reasons. On top is the climate. The city and its surrounding areas always experience a pleasant weather, never going over the top.

Also, you would be astonished to know that the place has many amazing trekking trails leading to beautiful and serene places, unexplored and untouched by the busy city. Few of the famous Bangalore Trekking in India is; Adventures at Narayangiri, Anthargange Cave Explore, Chikmangalur waterfall trek, Ramnagara camping adventure, Handi Kundi Betta Trek, Coorg, Tumkur, Sharavthi etc.
Most of these treks Organized by 365 Hops are for a day which would save your time yet visit few magnanimous places of India. Trekking near Bangalore also does not need much acclimatization for situated in lower altitude. So, grab the opportunity and treat yourself by choosing 365hops treks.