Fly High!! Try Paragliding in Manali Today

Do we not get excited when travelling in airplane? All kids do… and most of us adults as well. Watching the earth below with a birds’ eye view is thrilling and exhilarating. The beautiful valleys, rivers, ponds and tiny houses passing by under you in a rapid series are definitely overwhelming. But being an airplane yourself has a different measure of feel, you can stir yourself wherever you want to and can fly as long as you desire.
Paragliding in India
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Yes, folks! Welcome to the zone of paragliding, one of the most splendid and jaw dropping adventurous sports in India. Paragliding in India is practiced at quite a few places: Kangra and Manali in Himachal, Pawana, Rishikesh and Bangalore. Each place supports different difficulty level of Paragliding. But the most eye-captivating, magnified with beautiful landscapes is Himachal.
Paragliding in India
Paragliding in India 
Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh has a great feel of pleasure and soul touching experience. Himachal Pradesh has stunning views; snow clad mountains of the Himachal ranges, beautiful trekking trails, untouched valleys and other beautiful sceneries. Kullu Manali and Kangra are paragliding destinations of Himachal. Since paragliding has different launch techniques, Himachal gives better altitude and easy launches due its high altitude resources.
Few of the breath taking places you would cross while gliding on top of Himachal are Dhauladhar Mountains, Bir Village which is also a tea garden, Monasteries. Paragliding in Manali also gives equally spectacular views of Solang valley. In addition to this, Kullu offers three different levels of Paragliding. 

Choosing the right guide and organization is very important. You have many well known adventurous sports organizers in India today. Paragliding is very safe when proper precautions are taken which will be guided by professionals in the field. Also if you are a new comer it is always safer to start with a low launch and glide event. Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh can be combined with trekking and Camping as well.