Have you tried the war of Paintball in Gurgaon?

Shooting and seeing your opponent die fake with colorful paint splashed all over their body is amazing. Paint ball is one of the best games you can approach to when you are bored. You want to run away from a dull – void day?  Wondering what to do with a group of friends? Then paint ball will definitely come at your rescue. This game is equally adventurous as any other adventure sports. And the best part is you need not pack your bag or book tickets to some other destination. It is the most simple and interesting game which can be played any time of the day and in any season.
 Paintball in Gurgaon
Paintball in Gurgaon is extremely popular in the country. Here, the event is taken very seriously with rules and regulations, system and instructions. The game is approached exactly how army men fight in military combat. There are different levels in this game and each level has different rules and methods. Truth be told, this game is the most cost effective adventure sports where the price starts from just 300 rupees.
Gurgaon paintball has many battle options such as Columbian counter attack – where attackers would have to rescue a beautiful Bollywood actress from the defenders using interesting battle stuffs like mine and sniper infested terrains etc. Then you have Jungle Warfare – a jungle battle usually conducted with artificial rocks and trees and finally, car and bunker shootout – again paintball shooting using cars, sand bags as shields.
 Gurgaon Paintball
The game has varied time duration (30 min, 1 hr, and 1.5 hour). Apart from the said levels, Gurgaon paintball also has other options such as rescuing heads, dodging the mine, collecting flags etc. The price and time duration vary with the package you choose. Also once your color balls are over, you can extend your game by buying few hundreds of balls.