Kerela one-stop Destination for Pleasure Journeying!

Kerela has always been a favourite tourist destination, and continued interest has resulted in development of various activities for tourists to enjoy. There is something here for everyone, be it fast paced action that provides excitement to those who love the rush of adrenaline, or the delight of exploring places.
Kerela Tours

Whether you like wind rushing through your hair or water splashing all around you, Kerela is your one-stop destination for excitement and adventure!

So let’s get right down to it and explore what this wonderful state has to offer.

Trekking and Camping
Trekking in Kerela
Do you enjoy lying down on the grass, admiring the starlit sky as a gentle breeze blows around you? (Let’s face it, which doesn’t?) Camping and trekking spots in Kerela are diverse in what they have to offer, trips to spice plantations, tropical rainforests, river banks, and even open grasslands, there is no end to the variety one sees here. Here are some top destinations you should keep in mind!

Agasthyakoodam, Thiruvananthapuram
At 1868m, this is the second highest peak in south India. It offers treks through steep climbs, waterfalls and open grasslands. It is only 70km away from Thiruvananthapuram, and is one of the prime destinations for trekking.

Munnar, Idukki
Munnar is probably best known for its huge tea estates, and eucalyptus plantation. The trek through lush grasslands to the butterfly forest, and then to Meesapulimala.
Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing
Push yourself to the limit, and take it to the next level! Kerela’s mountains, hills, and cliffs provide prime locations for the best experiences of rock climbing.

Thenmala, Kollam
500m above the sea level, Thenmala is just 72 Km away from Thiruvananthapuram.
We recommend the Adventure Zone here, for a well-rounded experience of rock-climbing and rappelling.

Eruthavoor, Thiruvananthapuram
Due to increased tourist activity, Eruthavoor is developing into the new adventure hotspot. It boasts of a craggy rock 160ft. High. It’s proximity to the main city Tiruvananthapuram is also one of the reasons why it is famous.

Wildlife Safari
Now here’s something for people who are animal-lovers and nature enthusiasts. Owing to the tropical rainforests, Kerela is home to a wide array of plants and animals. Its tropical forests boast of rich biodiversity. With over 16 wildlife parks and five sanctuaries along the westernghats in Kerela, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to the perfect wildlife safari destination. Some of the best areas for a safari include:-

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Tigers, deers, wild boars, and a plethora of other animals can be sighted at this sanctuary. Officially a project elephant site, this sanctuary boasts of semi-evergreen forests that are home to a wide range of animals.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki
Over 775 square kilometres in area, this sanctuary is an official tiger reserve! It even has an artificial lake those acta as a watering hole for animals, so it’s very likely that you will sight some majestic beasts here.
If you ever tire of watching animals and birds from a distance, it’s always possible to get up close and personal with the feathery little creatures that fly in the sky. With the wind in your hair and the world at your feet, the exhilarating feeling in your stomach when you jump off for paragliding is something that you just HAVE to experience!

At nearly 6000ft above sea level, you can get a bird’s eye view of Kerela. Paragliding season is at its best from September to January, and March to May.

Vagamon, Kottayam
Kolahalamedu hill proves to be the perfect platform for taking off on a paragliding adventure. Just 4 km from Vagamon, the hill is over 3000ft. High. A 10km ride offers a safe landing point as well.

Varkala Tiruvananthapuram
The Varkala beach is just 50 km away from Thiruvananthapuram, and is an excellent spot for paragliding. It offers a magnificent view of the Kerela beach and the ocean beyond that!
Water Sports

Water Sports
Oh, you didn’t think we were going to skip over this one did you? No way! With numerous rivers, large stretches of river backwaters and so many beaches, Kerela is a wonderland for watersport enthusiasts. Surfing, rafting, canoeing, you name it!

Surfing at Kovalam, Thiruvanthapuram
Ever since it’s become a popular tourist destination, Kovalam has been teeming with surfing institutes and instructors. It is very easy to get hold of a surfboard and even easier to get hold of an instructor! So, for those of you who’ve always wanted to surf like they do in the movies, but never had the opportunity, do try it out the next time you plan a trip to Kerela. Even better, plan a trip to Kerela for the numerous adventure sport activities that it has! The beach observes fine waves of 0.5 to 2m height regularly.

Kayaking at Alappuzha
People from Kerela have earned laurels at various levels for Kayaking. The most famous spot for kayaking is in the backwaters of Alappuzha. It is definitely THE location for you to enjoy the sport.

Rafting at Boothathankettu, Ernakulam
About 50km from Ernakulm, Boothathankettu is home to the perfect white water rapids, and proves to be a memorable rafting experience. Navigating through the steep waterfalls and quick currents, you will definitely enjoy this experience, and the pictures will brighten up your photo album.
Kerela is a hot tourist destination for adventure sports. The next time you plan a vacation, do consider the variety of sports offered in this state. After all, a visit to Kerela is one thing on your bucket list that you definitely want to complete.