Rishikesh can be lot more fun! Have your tried Rafting?

When you hear about Rishikesh, what are the first few thoughts that cross your mind? Shiv temple, pilgrimage spot, Ram Jhula, Historic place, holiness, the mighty River Ganges and definitely Haridwar! Well, for the youth of India, these words might not sound adventurous and fun and undeniably not raise a feeling of enthusiasm. But only few of you would be aware of the fact that Rishikesh is considered one of the popular places for participating in adventure sports. This makes Rishikesh high in demand tourist spot.
river rafting in rishikesh
 This holy place indulges adventure sports such as bungee jumping, hiking and back packing and the world famous white water rafting. Rishikesh Rafting is very popular and in demand almost in all the seasons. People flock from all over the world to experience this amazing water sport in the river Ganga. The idea of rafting in this powerful River makes the sport even more enthralling. Rafting in Rishikesh is carried in different levels, depending upon the difficulty and expertise.
Rishikesh Rafting
The level of difficulty is usually measured on the undercurrent of the Ganga and is classified in to class 3 and 4. Starters can choose the lower water level package and then go higher to the gushing force of the river. Rishikesh Rafting is offered with many combo packs such as camping and rafting, bungee jumping and rafting etc.  The place is closed for the adventure sport between the months July and October due to rains and high tide.
 Rafting in Rishikesh
The places where the river rafting in Rishikesh is initiated are Shivpuri and Bhrampuri. But “the wall” is considered the most dangerous place to raft and is attempted only by experts in the sport. Nevertheless, white water rafting is never a dangerous sport. If you select a well formed organization who conducts the sport under proficient guidance then this is the most fun filled and thrilling activity.