Scuba Diving In India – Offering the Joy of Enjoying the Huge Diversity of Marine Life

scuba diving in India 
Scuba diving is amongst the most popular adventure activities enjoyed by countless people across the globe. The thrill of enjoying the company of underwater creatures in their natural habitat is truly amazing, which is why people are drawn to this activity in large numbers. India, with its vast coastlines, offers various spots and destinations where people can revel in the joy of scuba diving and enjoy the bio-diversity that exists below the surface of vast seas and oceans. Even though scuba diving in India is still not that popular amongst the general masses, it is surely gaining pace as a perfect adventure sport especially in areas close to the shores.
scuba diving in Andaman
The one thing that makes India a popular destination for enjoying scuba diving is the wide range of biodiversity that the divers get to see. The entire coastline boasts of several different ecological zones which are the breeding grounds for diverse types of fishes and other aquatic animals. This ensures that the divers do not have to travel too far to view an entirely different collection of sea plants, fishes and other underwater creatures. Moreover, the abundance of different islands around the coastline also offers great avenues for enjoying this sport. In fact, numerous visitors come to India every year simply to enjoy scuba diving in Andaman, Lakshdweep and other such island clusters.
 scuba diving in Goa
Another popular destination for scuba diving in India is the small island of Goa, which lies just off the western coastline near Mumbai. The experience of scuba diving in Goa is quite different from the experience of enjoying this activity elsewhere in India. In fact Goa is one of the fist destinations to have introduced this sport in India and since then visitors have never stopped coming to this city of absolute fun and frolic. They enjoy the unique thrill and mesmerizing moments of swimming with underwater creatures in their own home and environment, which makes them feel satisfied and relaxed.