Sikkim Trekkers and Adventure Enthusiasts Destinations

Sikkim nestled in north east India; its vast, undulating mountain ranges with snow capped peaks offer the best trekking experience to adventurers. It is a place rich in culture, and one that has many ties with the history of our country. This makes it a popular destination for tourists, trekkers and adventure enthusiasts.
Sikkim Trekking

Sikkim is the ideal destination for trekkers. It offers a variety of low altitude as well as high altitude treks, like:-

Goechala-Kasturi Trek
The trek starts from the base village at Yuksom and ends at Tashiding village.. It is a 10-day trek passing through the famous Dzongri and Goechala view points. It starts from Yuksam, home to the oldest Dubdi monastery, and the home to the coronation throne where the first king of Sikkim was crowned, this place boasts of a rich culture and historical significance. It then proceeds to Tsokha, a small refugee settlement with quaint cafes, from where one can catch a glimpse of the majestic Mt.Pandim peak. Navigating through the fields of Phedang, the trek passes through Dzongri from where one has a bird’s eye view of peaks of Siniolchu, Kabru, and Pandim, to Talung and Narsing. Later, the trek reaches the famous Goechala view point which is closest of Mt. Kanchenjunga; one can even spot the Thalung glacier at the bottom of the Kanchenjunga Mountain from here. One of the highlights of this trek is the holy, high-altitude Samiti lake with calm clear waters that are a wonderful sight to behold.
Goechala-Kasturi Trek

  • Yuksom to Tshoka (3050m )
  • Tsokha to Dzongri (4030 m)
  • Dzongri Rest and Acclimatization / Dzongrila(4300m)
  • Dzongri to Thangsing(3930m)
  • Thangsing to Lamune(4130m)
  • Lamune to Goechala (4940m) Thangsing (2 hrs)
  • Thansing to Lampokhari (4,230m)
  • Lampokhari to Kasturi (3,715m)
  • Katuri to Labdang (1,830m)
  • Labdang to Tashiding
Yambong Singalila Trek
This trek offers an exclusive peek of 5 summits rising over 7000m including Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Lhotse of Nepal and, Mt. Kanchendzonga and Mt. Sinoclu of Sikkim. This trek explores the rich flora and fauna of Sikkim, navigating through the wild forests of rhododendron trees ans animals like the red panda and the Himalayan black bear. This trek follows a similar route as the previous one, but it makes some unique detours, like that to the Laxmi Pokhari lake. Situated at a height of 4200m, this lake overlooks Mt. Pandim and Mt. Tenchingkhang, making a picture perfect scenery worth documenting in the photo album. At the base of the Yambong valley, the Nambu village is the starting point of this trek, it is a typical Himalayan village with houses scattered on adjacent hills.
Yambong Singalila Trek

  • Nambu to Sang Khola (2050m)
  • Sang Khola to Naya Patal (3000m )
  • Naya Patal to Lower Yambong (3300m)
  • Lower Yambong to Upper Yambong (3735m )
  • Upper Yambong to Gomathang (3735m)
  • Gomathang to Pangding (4210m)
  • Pangding to Dzongri (3735m)
  • Dzongri to Lamune (4164m)
  • Lamune to Goechala – Thangshing (4940m)
  • Thangsing to Tshoka (3000m)
  • Tshoka to Yuksam (1560m)
Uttarey Singalila Trek
Navigating through the area of southwest Dzongri, this trek passes though the Singalila ranges and then moves towards the Kanchenjunga mastiff. The Singalila range is indicative of the border between Sikkim and Darjeeling, and Nepal. This trek, again, starts from Yuksom, but leads to Uttarey, a Himalayan village settlement, and continues up to the political border are between Sikkim and Nepal, called Chewa Bhangyang. Also called the Uttarey Chewabhangyang Trek or the Lake trek, this trek has a flexible itinerary and one can choose from many detours to lakes at various different altitudes.
Uttarey Singalila Trek

  • Yuksam / Gangtok to Uttarey (2320m )
  • Uttarey to Chewabhanjyang (3144 m)
  • Chewabhanjyang
  • Chewabhanjyang to Dhor (3800m)
  • Dhor to Parey Megu (3940m)
  • Parey Megu to Lam Pokhari (4600m)
  • Lam Pokhari to Gomathang (3500m)
  • Gomathang to Pangding ( 4270m)
  • Pangding to Dzongri (4020m)
  • Dzongri to Thangshing (3930m)
  • Thangshing to Lamune (4130m)
  • Lamune to Goechala / Thangshing (4940m)
  • Thangshing to Tshoka (3000m)
  • Tshoka to Yuksam (1875m)
If you are not a fan of long-distance, high-altitude treks, or just don’t have the time for them, then you can opt for one of the many short-distance, low altitude treks which are wonderful opportunities for beginners.

Some of these treks include:-

Ravangla Khechupelri Trek
One of the popular low-altitude treks, this one involves visiting monasteries and hiking through a trail of different villages. This trek provides a first-hand opportunity to experience the rich culture and the cultural variation and diversity of Sikkim, in different villages, and also to embark on a spiritual journey of self discovery, visiting monasteries. This trek is best for those interested in tourism and sight-seeing in Sikkim.
Ravangla Khechupelri Trek

  • Gangtok drive to Rabangla (2100 Meters) via Temi Tea Garden
  • Rabangla to Tashiding (1400m)
  • Sinon Monastery and trek to Hongri Monastery (2100m)
  • Hongri Monastery to Yuksom (1875m)
  • Yuksom to Khechuperi (2000m)  
  • Khechuperi drive to Pelling (2200m)
Sikkim Rhododendron Trek
Nature lovers, this is your calling! Ablaze with brilliant red blossoms of rhododendron, from late April to mid-May, Sikkim beckons those who hold nature close to their hearts. One of the easier treks, this is one for sight-seeing and stress-relief. It starts from the base village of Yuksom, and leads to the Uttarey valley, bordering Nepal. It also includes a trip to Barsey rhododendron sanctuary which covers an area of 104 square Kilometers, and passes through the Singhalila range which demarcates the Indo-Nepal border.
Sikkim Rhododendron Trek


Day 1) Yuksom to Uttarey Valley (2320m / 3 to 4 hours drive) (Home stay / Camping / Hotel)
Day 2) Uttarey Valley to Achhaly (2375m / 4 to 5 hours trek) (Camping)  
Day 3) Achhalay to Kalijhar (3650m / 4 to 5 hours trek) (Camping)
Day 4) Kalijhar to Danra Barkhey via Phoktey Danra (3200m / 4 to 5 hours trek) (Camping)
Day 5) Danra Bharkhey to Deoningali Dhap (3130m / 4 to 5 hours trek) (Camping)
Day 6) Deoningali Dhap to Barsey (3040m / 3 to 4 hours trek) (Camping)
Day 7) Barsey to Yuksam (1875m / 3 to 4 hours drive) (Home Stay / Camping / Hotel)

It doesn’t matter whether the trek you chose is a high altitude one or a low-altitude one, whether you spend 6 days or 16, Sikkim will surely prove to be a place that will capture your heart. It’s scintillating scenery is unparalleled by any other sight.