Top Destinations for Paragliding in India

Whenever you gaze at the sky, do you envy the birds flying there? You can also experience the same carefree feeling by undertaking paragliding in India. All you need to do is to get hooked to a parachute and race with the birds out there. Isn't it thrilling? Indeed, it is paragliding is a gift given by nature with options to do paragliding in mountains, flatlands, coastal areas or deserts. If you are ready to fly, have a look at the top destinations for paragliding:
 paragliding in India
  1. Panchgani
This stunning hill station is a famous site for paragliding in India. The best time to indulge in paragliding here is after the monsoons, as the lush green environment will add to the charm of the sport. You can reach this place via Pune.
  1. Kerala
The 'God's own country', Kerala, has Munnar as one of the famous and most thrilling place for paragliding. The high peaks add to the enthusiasm of tasting paragliding. When you do paragliding here, you can take some of the breathtaking views of the tea gardens situated here.
paragliding in India
  1. Solang Nala
Solang Nala is situated at a distance of 14 kms away from Manali and is one of the best spots for paragliding. This place is ideal for both the novice paragliders and professionals. The best time to take a shot of paragliding here is during the months of May to September. The blowing winds and flying birds will make your experience an enriching one.
paragliding places in india
  1. Kamshet
This hill station located close to Khandala is one of the thrilling locations. This place attracts tourists from every corner of the world to enjoy paragliding. You can reach here with ease from both Pune or Mumbai. The breathtaking view of the hills, the pleasant weather and lush green fields make this location an all time favourite for paragliding. You can visit this place anytime during the months from October till May.