Where to go for Scuba Diving in India?

Scuba diving has become one of the most indulged in water sports these days. The prime reason for such a huge popularity is the chance to explore the underwater life, which scuba divers get. Scuba diving in India has gained a huge momentum, both with the national and foreign tourists. We thought of acquainting the readers with some of the best destinations for scuba diving in India. Explore through:
scuba diving in India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
The most beautiful and fascinating destination for scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Cinque Island, located near Port Blair has a rich underwater marine life, which offers a variety of sharks and corals. This island is an ideal place for experienced drivers. Another one is Havelock Island, which has a beautiful and colourful coral life. When you get inside the fine waters of this island you can easily spot Scorpion fish, Lion fish or Puffer fish as your companion.
scuba diving in andaman

Goa offers all- colourful shells, beautiful corals and is indeed a treasure for scuba diving. Turbo Tunnel is a beautiful tunnel with shallow depth which makes an ideal spot for beginners in scuba diving. An ideal site for scuba diving in Goa is the Shelter Cove, which is marked by hard coral and lobsters. You can also spot there sargent major, lionfish, damsels, parrotfish, stonefish, sweetlips, triggerfish etc. Indeed, Goa scuba diving is all about experiencing the thrill in its purest form.
 scuba diving in Goa
Lakshadweep Island
The crystal and calm waters of Lakshadweep island makes it a peaceful. If you are a first timer in scuba diving sport, then this is the place to begin the endeavour. The blue lagoons, colourful marine life and beautiful coral reefs usher the charm of scuba diving. The wide variety of fishes you can find here add on to the charm of exploring the underwater.
Lakshadweep scuba diving