Pune is fast becoming a busy city with busy lives and very busy roads. Once it was a retreat for the people of metropolitan Mumbai but now this pleasant place needs a retreat for itself. And it is surrounded by many enchanting places with scenes to match the heavens and airs as pure and soothing as the first morning dew. One can escape into nature and rejuvenate amongst the cool winds from the Arabian Sea which assault the Western Ghats and have made them into a kaleidoscope of various shades of green and more. The adventure junkies can revel in various sports like paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, etc. or one can just sit back and enjoy the views of nature from inside a camp tent or explore the scenery while trekking through the environs.
Adventure in Pune

So take the edge off and try out the places listed below, wake up the adventurer in you and challenge your abilities to experience the vast range of activities around Pune.

Situated just 4km from Pune and nestled right off the Mumbai Pune highway, this hinterland town is a getaway for many thrill seekers. Built for the colonizers as a holiday place away from the cities it is now a famous and safe destination for paragliding. Due to the very friendly topography, Kamshet is an ideal spot for beginners to get the hang of this fun filled sport. The flying season starts from January- February till June and then recommences from October till January.

There are many resorts that have cropped up in and around this barren land and many flying shops which provide you with all the necessary equipment!

Something for the extremists awaits here at Lonavala. Hit the rails and de-board at Lonavala and then approach Kunegaon to experience a variety of adventure sports at Della Adventure. It's a place that provides everyone from all age groups with something to do. So take a weekend off and unwind here at this hill station.
Bungee Jumping in Lonavala

Bungee Jumping is the main attraction here with a mighty platform at a height of 150ft, the jump lasts for about 4-5 minutes of sheer exhilarating thrill. There are other fun filled activities like zorbing, rock climbing, paraglinding, etc.  

Built amongst the green hills of the Western Ghats, this humongous fort speaks of the history of various empires including the Mughal and the Maratha. An ideal place for a trek on a weekend, Lohagad Fort boasts of scenic trails and enticing pathways. Explore the scorpion tail, the "Vinchukata Fortification" and enjoy a scene filled with green and greener down below. The weather is pleasant all year round while the monsoon months just add to the charm of the surroundings. Different types of bugs and birds can also be spotted.
Lohagad Fort

Lohagad fort is located near Lonavala and can be reached by the old Mumbai-Pune highway.

This is one of the perennial and the highest waterfall in Maharashtra. It is a crater shaped oasis of pure water which supports many activities such as rappelling, kayaking, valley crossing, cliff jumping, rock climbing, trekking, nature trails, and many more. Many resorts offer accommodations with rooms opening onto the scene of this majestic waterfall.

The best time to visit this divine place is June to February and can be reached by train. This place is 20km from Jawhar on the Jawhar- Silvassa Road.

Kundalika RIver flowing through the tiny village of Kolad offers all year round white water rafting (the only place fit for all year round rafting). Kolad is 2 hours away from Mumbai and Pune and offers grade II and grade III rapids for rafting in the Kundalika River. The water is controlled by the Tata Power Mulshi Dam which releases water at around 8 in the morning and the rafting begins at 8:15. The exuberating joyride goes on for 11km and takes up to 1 and a half hours.
Rafting in Kundalika RIver

Situated in the Mahad region with the Sahyadris forming a beautiful backdrop, Kilad also offers paragliding, river crossing, trekking, etc. The best time to visit the Kundalika river is during the monsoon months.