Paragliding World Cup – Opening the Avenues of Paragliding in India as a Professional Sport

Paragliding is a popular adventure sport that has been helping people fulfill their desire of roaming the skies like a free bird. In India, the sport is enjoyed primarily in various parts of Himachal Pradesh, especially in the beautiful Kangra region. That is why it is really not surprising that the upcoming world cup of paragliding to be hosted in the famous Bir Billing valley, which is renowned as the haven for adventure sports in India. The hosting of the world cup of this internationally favorite adventure sport in the country has raised the hopes of enthusiasts of paragliding in India.  This is primarily due to the below mentioned reasons.
 paragliding in India
·         Organizing this international sporting event in the country is being seen as many professional paragliders as a means of creating awareness amongst the masses about this adventure sport.

·         With renowned paragliders from across the world expected to attend the event, it is being hoped that Indian paragliders will benefit from their experience, knowledge and advanced techniques.

·         Paragliders are also hopeful that the organization of the world cup in India will inspire a greater number of youth to take up this sport professionally ensuring a greater representation for the country in the international arena.
·         It is also being viewed as an opportunity to project the capability of India in terms of organizing such international level sports meets in a successful and hassle free manner.

·         Most importantly, the organization of the paragliding world cup in India is considered to help the national champions to interact with global flyers and gain an understanding of their routine, practice formats and other aspects that can help them perform better.

Paragliding is fun filled and thrilling experience that like any other adventure sport can make people feel lively and rejuvenated. And for people who cannot participate in the fun of paragliding, even watching the renowned flyers from across the globe zoom across the sky can prove equally rewarding! 

With the initiative of the Paragliding Association, a large number of dare-devils, especially from abroad, have converged on the site to participate in the four-day meet beginning Nov 5.