Money saving tips for scuba diving in India

Scuba diving in India has become a hit with tourists from all parts of the world. The country is visited by diving lovers with a desire to get a fun time during diving here. Money is always a big issue when it comes to indulging in your favourite adventure water sport. So, let's deduce some of the money saving tips which can be fruitful when you plan for scuba diving in Andaman:
Scuba Diving
  • Travel during the off season
The hotels usually slash their rates if you visit the Andaman during the off season. That time you can dive in the water without worrying about the crowd. Also during the off season, there is a lesser risk in case you are novice diver.
 scuba diving in Andaman
  • Shore diving
If you are on a limited budget, the best to indulge in the excitement and fun of scuba diving is to go for diving on the shore. When you dive on the shore, you just need a car to reach the shore and diving gears. The charm of shore diving is no less than the normal diving.
 Shore diving
  • Accommodation
When we visit a new place, it's the accommodation that burns one's pocket. So, when your prime objective of making the trip is scuba diving, plan to rent a small house or villa, instead of going for a hotel room. When the diving tour is for a good number of days, a house will be an economical option. There you can even cook yourself, thus you can save on the money you would have spent on the food, had you opted for a hotel room.
 scuba diving in india
  • Travelling fares
Just like the accommodation costs more, the expenses for traveling to a particular place for indulging in scuba diving also costs a lot. Hence, make sure you opt for the cheapest mode of travel. So ditch the airplane rides and opt for railways. This way you can save money more scuba diving.