Attention adventure lovers! - Would you like to glide through the snow? – Try skiing in India

The joy of seeing the tall beautiful snow clad mountains all around you and the excitement of enjoying a sport in such a breathtaking view is exciting! Wouldn’t we all like to touch and enjoy the chilling yet delicate, fluffy ice on top of a hill? Wouldn’t we like to swoosh through this ice in a speed where we feel the air is talking to us?
Does it sound like your idea of fun and adventure? Then skiing in India is a perfect holiday destination for you.

So Skiing is basically a sport and in some places a means of transportation, where the participant uses an equipment which consists of long boards and jumping boots attached to them and a pole for support. It is a winter sport played in snow between January to March; however it is even practiced in dry areas using roller boards.
In our country, this activity is famous in the northern states.  To name a few, Gulmarg, pahalgam, Kufri, Auli, Chamba, are well known.

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For those who are new to the sport must remember;

a)      One should ski safely for their own safety and others
b)      Control is extremely important
c)      Observe all post and sign boards
d)     Stay away from prohibited areas
e)      Get some professional to brief you before attempting the sport
Happy skiing!!