How to do safe paragliding in India?

Paragliding in India is considered as the most thrilling and adventure laden sports. But this sport is considered risky and thus require a number of precautions to be taken to avoid any kind of mishap. Have a look at the rules for a safe trip of paragliding in Manali:
  • Experienced Instructor
If you are a novice to the field of paragliding, then it is always advised to learn the skills of paragliding from an experienced instructor. For this purpose you can register yourself with a paragliding club or take the instructions from a licensed instructor.
 paragliding in Darjeeling
  • The right Equipments
Before deciding on the thought of paragliding in Darjeeling make the purchase of the right set of equipments such as helmet, flying suit, boots etc. Make it a point that you purchase each and every equipment from a good shop and never go for the used equipments. The used equipments are always difficult to handle.
Paragliding Equipments
  • Weather Conditions
Before planning your paragliding trip, take into consideration the weather condition of the place where you wish to paraglide. Never go for paragliding when it is raining heavily or when there are heavy winds. The unsuitable weather can prove fatal for your safety.
  • Landing
Before initiating paragliding, learn the landing procedure with an open mind. Firstly, the site for your landing must be visible and accessible. You should learn how to properly make use of your legs so as to avoid the irregular landings.
Paragliding Landing
  • Limit Yourself
True, paragliding, being an adventure sport will excite you with its thrill and charm. But you need to read the signs, and understand where you have to draw a line. Do not indulge overly in this sport. Never risk your life.
  • Knife
Make sure you carry with yourself a knife when you do paragliding. The main purpose of carrying a knife is to make yourself free from any kind of entanglement of cords and wires which may restrict your movement.
Paragliding rescue knife