Tips for camping in India

If camping in India is on your mind, then you should make sure that you make the necessary arrangements for a fun filled and carefree camping experience. If you take the below mentioned tips into consideration, then there is no need to indulge in the last minute tensions. Have a look:
 camping in India
§  Weather forecast
Start your camping in Manali by taking into consideration the weather forecast. Since Manali is a hilly area, the weather is flickering. You can rely on the powerful internet for researching on the weather conditions. You can then decide on the necessary clothing and gears for your camping trip.
 Adventure Camping in Manali
§  Right firewood
Firewood is one of the essential equipment for camping anywhere in India, be it camping in Shimla or camping in Rishikesh. Even if you have your own firewood, don't simply rely on them as there are bright chances of you not taking the right care of the firewood, due to which it may turn out of use. Buy firewood from the camp site market only, as they would be safekeeping the firewood in accordance with the weather condition of the location.
 camping in shimla
§  Water and eatables
When you start with your camping trip, make sure you carry adequate water with you; as you really do not have any idea where you would be setting your camp at that location and what would be the water availability statistics. To avoid remaining thirsty or drinking contaminated water, carrying your own water supply is a great thing.
 camping in rishikesh
§  Setting up of a tent
Camping is all about tents; so learning about the manner in which the tents need to be set up becomes an essential thing on your to-do-list. The procedure for setting a tent only looks easy, but it is not so. You can take few lessons or watch YouTube videos about how to set up a tent. This will save you from the embarrassment of asking your fellow person for setting up the tent for you.