How to Deal with Trekking in India?

Trekking in India is all about glancing through the breathtaking scenery and taking steps on the Himalayan foothills. India has become the favourite destination for trekkers from every corner of the globe, because of the fact that they find amazing trekking trails in this region. However, when you indulge in trekking in the Himalayas you need to pay some caution to certain challenges which the trekking trail poses. So, if you are planning a trekking expedition keep the following points in mind:
·         Flight
The foreigners who visit the country for trekking tours often complain of tiredness once they land here. So, there are chances of you being weak after the flight. Therefore, you must take some rest to gain back the strength before you begin your trekking experience in the Himalayas. Don't start your expedition the same day, you land here.

·         Drinking water
You may not get safe drinking water while trekking in the country. Being a foreigner, the natural water available on the treks may not suit your body weight and pose certain health problems. To avoid being thirsty, carry adequate water supply with you. And in case you run out of water supply, rely on snow or boiled water, both of these options are quite safe.
·         Leeches
The Indian forests are enveloped with the small leeches, which stick to the body and causes problems. They get into the body through the gaps of the trekking shoes. You certainly can't prevent them from entering, but as a cure measure use a match stick to burn them.
·         Diarrhea
The problem of Diarrhea is quite persistent with the Indian treks. Those folks who are new to the climatic conditions here often get this waterborne disease. To avoid this disease, make sure you drink loads of water while you do trekking and also take some medicines along with you to fight against diseases of this genre.