Preparing the Gliders for Enjoying Safe Paragliding in India or Elsewhere

Paragliding is a thrilling adventure sport that gives the gliders a feeling similar to flying like a bird. When it comes to paragliding in India, there are several famous spots that make a perfect destination for enjoying this outdoor activity in a satisfactory manner. However, in order to have a remarkable and safe flight, it is important for the gliders to prepare their glider before hand by carrying out some important pre-flight checks as listed below.
paragliding in India
•    The first thing to do while preparing the glider is to unroll it completely in a large open space so that each tip of the glider can be extended to its full length. 

•    Once the glider has been laid out fully, the flyers should grab the its leading edge and move it in a slightly upward direction to give it a horseshoe like shape, so that it launches in an effortless manner without the risk of the tips getting folded in.

•    While handling the rises, the flyer needs to make sure that these are held in manner that does not cause them to tangle with each other, while they are being extended.

•    Once the lines have been extended, it is important to check them individually for any signs of damage or the sheets having been cut.

•    In the end it is also important to check the glider itself for any tears, cuts or other damage that might prove risky during the flight. It is best to move around the entire perimeter of the glider to check each section carefully.
Conducting the above mentioned pre-launch checks not only helps the gliders to ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight but also keeps them safe by minimizing any risks of accidents due to human carelessness. Ignoring these necessary checks can not only spoil the whole fun of flying like a free bird but also put the very life of the gliders at great risk and even lead to the loss of limb and life!