Exploring Amazing places for Trekking in India

Indian treks are popular all over the world because of its beauty, spectacular views of valleys, and rich forests. The thrilling and enchanting routes attract lot of people all over the world to India.

Mountains of Himalaya are most popular trekking places for adventurers all over the world. Zanskar, Sikkim Mountains, Ladakh Himalaya are among the high altitudes treks with such exhilarated routes.
 Himalayas Trekking
There are other gentler options which are not very strenuous are mountains at Himachal, such as Pin Parvati pass, Sheppard Trail Trek and Kullu.

If you want to go easy, then you can opt out the treks among the southern part of India, the trails here are not very difficult to climb, mainly trekking near Bangalore provide an opportunity to explore natural beauty of southern hills, the rugged terrain, rich forest and significant flora and fauna.
 Trekking in India
Some options for adventurers near Bangalore are as follows:

  • Savandurga is merely 65 kms away from Bangalore and has two peaks to explore. One is difficult than other.

  •  Nandi Hills, Its’ a small and quite famous hill, rich in flora , the trails here are different from each other in terms of difficulty.
  • Trip to Nandi Hills
    Nandi Hills

  • Antaragannge, a small trail at 65 kms from Bangalore gives experience of rock climbing and cave exploring, trekking here is a bit difficult and energy consuming.
Kodachadri peak
   Kodachadri Peak

  • Kodachadri peak, being the highest in the area you can go through an easy but quite exhausting trail to reach its top
  •  Skandagiri hill, which is only 60 kms away from the city can be explored in a day, it’s a popular night trekking place, you can also visit here see an old temple and a ruined fort which is known to be of ruler of Mysore.
  • Skandagiri hill
    Skandagiri Hill