Learning Some Lesser Known Facts before Planning a Trip to Different Paragliding Places in India

Paragliding offers people the opportunity of enjoying a thrilling air sport in which the sky becomes their playground. This sport that combines the skills of sky diving and hand-gliding is definitely the most exciting way through which individuals can overcome their fear of heights. Over the past few decades, this adventure activity has gained significant popularity in the country primarily because of the identification and development of various paragliding places in India. Some little known facts about this fun filled and enthralling activity that people should be aware of are listed below.
Paragliding Places in India
  • Paragliding involves maintaining the balance of the body along with the ability the maneuver the glider by through hand and foot movement. As such the gliders need to be not only physically fit but also mentally alert and strong.
  •  For people who are new to the sport, mastering the three basic techniques of launching, turning and landing is extremely essential. It is only the in-depth knowledge of these basics that can ensure a smooth and accident free flight for gliders who want to enjoy paragliding in Sikkim, where the terrain is certainly more difficult.  
 paragliding in billing
  • Para gliders can enjoy the sport for hours and can even climb to heights of up to 10,000 feet or more depending on their willingness to do so and the expertise in the sport.
  • Apart from carrying the glider, the pilots also need to wear a helmet and a reserve parachute during each flight to keep them secure and enable then to land safely in case the glider is damaged in any manner.
paragliding in Sikkim
  • In India, paragliding in Billing is ideal for both experienced as well as novice fliers. This is because the destination not only offers the best sites to launch the gliders from but the area is also abundant in professional trainers, supporting staff and providers of gears and other accessories and facilities required for enjoying the sport.