Scuba diving at Andaman – A Refreshing Underwater Experience

Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of 572 emerald islands to the East of India in the Bay of Bengal. Most people visit here for the natural, clean deep blue sea water beaches and especially scuba diving activities. These islands offer a wide array of spectacular scuba diving activities. Havelock Island, the largest and most visited island in Andaman is the main destination for scuba diving Andaman. The Neil Island, South Cinque Island and Mahatma Gandhi marine National park are other possibilities for scuba diving at Andaman.
Scuba diving is the best possible aqua adventure. The water in these islands has one of the richest, undamaged coral reef habitats in the world. Venturing into this underwater world and being surrounded by colourful sea water habitat such as devil rays, turtles, octopus, manta rays, white-tip reef sharks and a variety of colourful fishes is fascinating and challenging. This way Andaman scuba diving is a unique lifetime experience and it offers something new for everyone; be it a novice diver or an experienced diver. They offer diving for all levels of divers and make it a recreational experience.
 scuba diving Andaman
The best time for scuba diving in these islands would in the months of January, February and March before the monsoon sets in. The temperature of water and the visibility are perfect around this time. But generally the visibility, water currents and temperature depends upon the tides and the site of diving.

Dive schools
For those interested in diving but are without experience and are apprehensive about the whole process, there are opportunities to learn how to dive through a range of diving courses from introductory to professional levels. There are number of dive schools present in the vicinity and the tourists can enrol1 themselves in one quite easily.
Scuba-Diving school