Anthargange Night Trek – Experience the magic of Nocturnal trekking

Seventy kilometers away from Bangalore, the hill range of Anthargange is situated nestled in the Shathashrunga Range in the Kolar district of Karnataka and contains huge volcanic rocks and boulders. Anthargange night trek offers the ideal experience for people who seek the thrill of night trekking and caving. The hill has a dense plantation forest at its base and is covered by thorny shrubs. Anthargange trek covers an area of around 4 kilometers and takes around three hours.
Anthargange night trek
Features provided by organizers
Night trekking at Anthargange makes it possible for trekkers to witness rare nocturnal sights along the way while filling them with a chill and enjoy a lively session in front of a bonfire with fellow trekkers. The panoramic views of the night sky can be viewed from the peak, a guide to guide the trekkers all along the way, good transport facility with pick up and drop from Bangalore and the surreal view of the sunrise over the horizon the next morning with a healthy breakfast are some of the offers that Bangalore trekking organizers provide. There are numerous caves for adventurous travelers to explore and a temple halfway through the hill.
Anthargange Trekking
Things to carry
The most important thing one needs to carry is a torch or an overhead torch with sufficient battery backup since this is the only equipment that will pave the way in the pitch dark hills. Sufficient water and energy drinks, comfortable shoes preferably with rubber soles that are not harsh on the feet, dry fruits and energy bars, raincoats in monsoon, towels, tissues and required medicines. It is important to wear comfortable clothes and take cameras to capture your trek if you want to save the wonderful memories.
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