Bungee jumping in Rishikesh – Take a plunge and experience the thrill of free falling

Rishikesh, located in the state of Uttarakhand is the top choice for bungee jumping India. The gorgeous hills and terrains that form an intrinsic part of the region offer exciting bungee jumping activities. Bungee jumping involves free falling from a fixed platform while being connected to an elastic chord. Jumping heights, situated in Mohan Chatti offers bungee jumping in Rishikesh from a cantilever platform built over a rocky cliff overlooking the river Huel, at a height of eighty three meters from ground level. Rishikesh bungee jumping is the highest bungee jumping platform in India.
 bungee jumping in Rishikesh
Bungee jumping activities are for the daring. Once you crush your fear and decide to take the plunge, the thrill is totally exhilarating. The platform at jumping heights has been built keeping in mind the safety of the jumpers. Technically qualified, highly experienced, extreme adventure sports experts from New Zealand, the country native to bungee jumping, were hired to design the platform to ensure absolute safety. Highly experienced staffs with best training, the best equipments and thorough periodical inspections make for a safe and thrilling bungee jumping experience.
 bungee jumping in India
Due to the extreme nature of the sports, people with back or neck injuries, fractures, asthma, heart problems, high blood pressure, neurological disorders, epilepsy and pregnant women are advised to indulge. A registration form is required to be filled before jumping where all details about health conditions are to be mentioned and an indemnity waiver is filled.
 Rishikesh bungee jumping
Tour organizers arrange for comfortable transport to and from the bungee jumping locations. Cameras are not allowed in the area but your bungee jumping videos, photos and printed T-shirts can be bought from the store.