Jaisalmer Desert Camp – Offering an exciting taste of desert life

Jaisalmer desert camp offers the pleasure and charm of desert life with the uniqueness and excitement intact. The Thar Desert in Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist regions in Jaisalmer. Numerous options for camping in the desert are available with a lot of hotels and resorts providing basic to luxurious staying options in the desert.
A large number of the resorts are located in proximity to the Sam sand dunes that provide Jaisalmer desert camping options and have options to go camel riding in the desert especially at sunset when the desert looks breathtakingly beautiful. Apart from camel rides, folk music and other cultural programs are offered in the evening to entice the guests.
One of the most unique experiences in the adventure camp Jaisalmer is the desert safari ride in the Sam dunes. The Safari trips take tourists deep into the desert where the desert wind and the sun combine. The best months for Jaisalmer camping is from August through March. During the rest of the year, the desert tends to be harsh and non-friendly to the travelers.
The camping packages offered usually contain a night stay, traditional welcome, refreshment, camel rides, folk music and dance, breakfast, dinner and campfire. Also, several exciting activities such as parasailing, motor gliding, Arabian nights etc. are offered. A hassle free Swiss – style tent accommodation according to customer preference is provided with modern living style attached toilet and bathroom facilities, a clean and comfortable mattress and a verandah or patio.
This camping activity would be the best chance for you to witness traditional Rajasthani activities and the pure natured festivities combined with the vibrant colors is sure to make your holiday a beautiful memory.