Kayaking in India – Enjoy World’s Most Stunning Kayaking Opportunities

From the tranquil waterways, the coastal mangroves, to the powering rivers with thundering rapids, India offers opportunities aplenty for kayaking. The adventure tourism has witnessed a steep growth in the recent years and resulted in many operators offering a plethora of kayaking adventures from the calm backwaters of Kerala to the beaches of Goa to the islands of Andaman and Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal, the Lakshadweep islands in the Arabian Sea to the mystique Himalayas. The Northern part of India boasts some of the best river kayaking experiences whereas sea kayakers will find the tranquil beaches and waters around Goa, Karnataka and Kerala, and the two islands best for kayak India.
 kayaking in Goa
The appropriate season for kayaking in India depends upon which region you wish to kayak in. The time between October and April is optimal kayaking season for most of India before the onset of monsoons which is a dangerous time for kayaking but the Himalayas and other northern parts of the country that are snowbound during the later part of the year have kayaking expeditions between the months of June and September.
kayaking in India
Goa Kayaking
Goa is one of India’s leading destinations for Kayaking. Kayaking trips are offered by various organizers in the most scenic and safe rivers in Goa. The Zuari, the Mandovi, the Sal backwaters and the Nerul River are common rivers where kayaking expeditions are run on a daily basis. Kayaking in Goa offers tourists the opportunity to view up close the unspoiled thick mangroves, bountiful forests and explore the pristine beaches with absolutely no harm to the environment.
 kayak in Goa
High quality safe equipments for kayaking including kayaks, paddles, boats, lifejackets are provided by the organizers and the kayakers are advised to dress suitably and carry essentials before the expedition.