Scuba diving in India – Explore the hidden treasures of the underwater world

Away from the human world, hidden underwater is a spectacular world unfamiliar to the humans filled with vibrant colored fishes, rich ecosystem, abundant coral reefs and exotic sea creatures. Scuba diving places in Goa provides us with a chance to explore these hidden treasures of the underwater world through a unique adventurous diving experience.
 Scuba diving places in Goa
India is a country surrounded on three sides by water with the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea covering the Eastern and Western coasts respectively. These two natural underwater worlds have left lot to be explored. Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal, Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea and the coastal state of Goa are the hot destinations for Scuba diving in India.
 scuba diving in India
Enthusiasts from the around the world with varying degree of experience in the diving are attracted to the stunning visuals provided by the activity, the calmness of the world under and also the exhilarating adventure experience. For new beginners, the basics of diving including training to breath using the regulator, the regulator and mask’s functioning, and underwater swimming training are provided prior to diving. For more advanced lessons numerous dive schools are available in and around the dive sites.
Goa Scuba diving
Scuba diving in Goa
Wreck of Suzy’s, Locker of Davy Jones, Cove of Shelter, Reef of Uma Guma, Bay of Bounty, The Jetty etc. are some of the most famous dive sites in Goa that offer services for beginners as well as trained divers to experience the thrill of diving. Netrani Islands, filled with pigeons, beautiful corals and different varieties and colors of fishes and located in the Arabian Sea can be easily reached from Goa and is one of the prime spots for diving in Goa. 
India Scuba diving