Skandagiri Trekking – Unfold the Unique thrill of Adventurous Night Trekking

Skandagiri is also known as Kalavara Durga and is located near Chikaballapur village and is around seventy kilometers from Bangalore. Skandagiri dates back to the eighteenth century and is a hill with the ruins of a fort and a dilapidated temple adjacent to it. It is one of the places around Bangalore with a possibility of night trek.
night trekking in Skandagiri
The challenges
Skandagiri trekking covers an area of eight kilometers and consists of rugged ascending and descending hill terrains and takes around four to five hours to reach the top. The climb to the top offers moderate challenges to the trekkers until you reach the Papagni temple from where the challenges intensify. During night trekking in Skandagiri it is very important to carry torches to find your way in the darkness.
 trekking in Skandagiri
The climb to the top is worth all the efforts as it offers a panoramic view of the valley below with all its lush vegetation and the ruined fort offering a mystic touch to the whole experience. Bangalore trekking organizers provide with individual sleeping bags for you to laze around after a camping session in front of a warm bonfire. Just before the break of dawn, it offers a breathtaking view of the clouds and the sky with a chance to view the sunrise. Winter is one of the best times to go trekking in the hill since the hills covered with mist is magnificent.
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The itinerary includes picking up from and dropping back to Bangalore including the breakfast for the next day. Trekkers are advised to carry all necessities such as sufficient water, energy bars, medicines if any, comfortable clothing and shoes, towels, outerwear to protect against the weather and their cameras.
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