Some Important Things To Remember While Enjoying Camping In Coorg

The majestic beauty of Coorg makes it a favorite holiday destination of people from across the country and the globe. However, not many people are aware of the fact that Coorg is also a preferred place to enjoy a wide range of adventure activities. The diverse topography and the mesmerizing natural beauty of the region makes it a perfect place to enjoy activities such as river rafting, trekking and camping in Coorg.   
The majestic hills covered with dense mist and the vast tea and coffee plantations make Coorg a postcard perfect town. The atmosphere of the town has an old-world charm to it and this is what makes it a popular choice amongst the various camping places in India. Spending some time in the soothing an refreshing wilderness of Coorg makes the campers feel like having been transported into a world full of natural bliss and peace.
However, in order to ensure that people continue to enjoy the charm of natural treasures that Coorg has to offer, campers need to take care of a few things. Listed below are some of these things that need to be understood by participants while enjoying the activity of camping in India and especially Coorg.

·         It is important to understand that camping is an adventure activity and hence no leisure facilities would be available at camp sites.

·         Campers should always carry basic items of necessity including a torch, soap and towels along with a strong pair of camping shoes.

·         Campers should also be willing to share their accommodation with complete strangers which can add to the thrill of the activity. 

·         Consumption of alcohol and other drugs should be avoided to ensure complete safety for all the participants.

·         It is important not to consume any fruit, flowers or plants randomly in the wilderness as it might be dangerous.

·         Depending on their duration of stay campers should carry enough clothes including warm ones while also not packing too many outfits.