Elephant ride in Jaipur – A unique experience of befriending the giant creatures

It is said that animals are man’s best companion. It couldn’t be truer when it comes to elephants. They are loyal and when showered with love reciprocate with a binding commitment quite opposed to the frightful sights. Elephant Safari Jaipur provides with the opportunity for tourists to become friendly with elephants for a short while in addition to enjoying a refreshing ride.
 elephant ride in Jaipur
The walled city of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, the city of palaces and the pink city of India, just like the numerous adages it has got to its name offers numerous tourist sites too. Forgetting all the hassles of the city life, take an elephant ride in Jaipur through the country side and enjoy a laid back afternoon or evening through the oldest mountain range in India, the Aravalli Hills. The ride through the villages, the agricultural fields, monuments and palaces and the forests and hills provides an thrilling experience with abundant nature, bird watching opportunities and even wildlife spotting.
 elephant safari in Jaipur
Anybody visiting Jaipur must experience this unique thrill of enjoying an adventurous day befriending these giant creatures. There are several tour operators offer services that pick you up from your hotel or home and transport to the park where traditional Rajasthani welcoming is done before starting on the day’s activities. Comfortable clothes and ample sunscreen can be worn as the activities involve lot of sun exposure and optionally binoculars can be carried during the ride. The activities include introduction to the elephants, learning to communicate with them, gain their trust by feeding them, painting, bareback riding and washing the animals.
elephant rides
An English speaking guide would be available for international tourists and after the end of the day’s activities, visitors are dropped back to their hotels/homes.