Jaisalmer Desert Camp - Providing Visitors An Opportunity To Discover The Heavenly Pleasures Of Sand

For most people camping in India conjures up the images of a few nights spent in the wilderness of the great Himalayas or the majestic Western Ghats, to feel refreshed and relaxed. However, the experience of camping in the desert regions of Jaisalmer is an equally exciting and enthralling experience. An increasing number of people are discovering the joy of spending time amidst desolate sand dunes through different Jaisalmer desert camp packages.
 adventure camp Jaisalmer
The tranquil environ of the desert is completely different from the stress and pandemonium of city life. It has a soothing effect of the tired minds and bodies of the participants, who also gain an insight into the real essence of life in the remotest parts of India. Jaisalmer desert camping also makes the visitors familiar with the rich historical and traditional heritage of Rajasthan, which has become an integral part of the cultural fabric of India.
 Jaisalmer desert camp
There are several tour operators that offer different Jaisalmer camping packages to meet the diverse needs of the participants. These trips can last anywhere from an overnight stay to several days of camping in the desert. The changing color of the sands and the varying patterns of sand dunes are a sight to behold during these camping trips. However, what make these camping trips truly remarkable is the tasty Rajasthani cuisine and the folk dance and music performance of the local artists at night on the camp sites.
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In order to get the most out of an adventure camp Jaisalmer trip, it is important to prepare well for the tour. This includes packing the right kind of including a couple of warm jackets and woolens to keep warm during the extremely chilly nights of the deserts.  In addition, it is advisable for the participants to book the tours in groups as it not only helps in bringing down the cost of the trip but also ensures greater fun and thrill during the camping period.