Rock Climbing Trekking In Ramanagara – A Land Of Unusual Beauty

Ramanagara is a small quaint town located just 50 kms away from the hi-tech city of Bangalore. The area is known for its unique and mesmerizing beauty which has also been highlighted in a couple of Bollywood movies. The landscape of the area also makes it a favorite destination for enjoying adventure activities such as trekking and rock climbing. People can enjoy the moderate as well as difficult trekking in Ramanagara, which offers a diversity of rugged terrain and tricky routes.  
 Rock Climbing in Ramanagara
Located on the banks of River Arkavathi, the area of Ramanagara is covered with rocks and granite hills and is home to several species of endangered birds. Apart from trekking, people also come to this small town to enjoy rock climbing. While the compact hills make for excellent treks in Ramanagara, the seemingly vertical rock faces quench the thirst of people for enjoying technical climbs.  The amazing views of the sparsely vegetated surroundings that participants encounter while enjoying trekking or even rock climbing makes them feel relaxed and even rejuvenated.
 Ramanagara trekking
Ramanagara offers people to enjoy their favorite adventure activity in realistic manner. Each activity offers a sense of fear and excitement while also making the participants feel like having been transported to a world full of peace and tranquility. The experience of Ramanagara trekking and rock climbing activity proves to be a perfect stress buster especially for people who want to take a break from the fast and busy city life. Although the best time to visit the region is between the months of November and January, people can enjoy their favorite activity in this area almost all through the year.
 Treks in Ramanagara
With the growing popularity of Ramangara as a destination to enjoy adventure activities, the local government is also making efforts to conserve the natural environment and landscape of the region. This has helped in maintaining the majestic beauty of the area and ensuring that it remains a preferred playground for adventure seekers.