Getting Familiar with Some Popular Places to Trek Near Bangalore

Bangalore is amongst the few major metropolitan cities of India which despite the fast faced development has managed to retain its natural beauty and charm. There are several places in and around Bangalore that attract nature lovers and adventure seekers even today. Among the various thrilling activities that people can enjoy in Bangalore and its vicinity, trekking is a preferred choice. Listed below are some popular trekking places near Bangalore that offer a promise of complete thrill and adventure. 
Anthargange: Located just 68 kms away from Bangalore, Anthargange range is one of the most popular places to trek near Bangalore. It is famous for its hillocks and caves which were created from volcanic rocks and boulders. The 4 km long trekking trail of Anthargange is categorized under the difficulty level of easy and hence is considered ideal for beginners as well as experts.
 Anthargange Trekking
Ramanagara:  This is another popular place to enjoy trekking in Bangalore neighborhood. Located just 50 kms away from the city, the landscape of the area features huge rocks and boulders made from granite. The gentle terrain tends to become extremely steep at certain places which makes the task of trekking uphill quite laborious, especially for beginners.
 Ramanagara Treks
Bheemeshwari: Another extremely popular trekking destination around Bangalore is Bheemeshwari, a small town on the banks of River Cauvery at a distance of 110 kms from the city. The lush green trekking trails of Bheemeshwari make the participants feel naturally calm and relaxed as they explore and enjoy the beauty and biodiversity of nature that the region has to offer. 
Shivgange: Situated at a distance of merely 54kms from Bangalore, the enthralling natural beauty of the Shivgange trekking trail attracts people from all parts of the world. The town holds great religious significance amongst the people of Hindu community and is blessed with a pleasant weather and picturesque terrain. The trekking trail is also quite easy and can be enjoyed by both novice and expert trekkers.