Your Essential Guide for Ranthambore National Park Safari

The spectacular Ranthambore safari is one of the prime desire of every wildlife enthusiast. The Ranthambore National Park is spread over an area of nearly 134 km, in Rajasthan. This national park is one of the finest blends of nature, wildlife and history. One can opt for nature walks, safaris, bird watching, hiking etc. in this national park. If you are also planning to go for Ranthambore National Park Safari, then here is your essential tour guide.
 Ranthambore national park safari
Take the tour:

When to visit:

The tigers and other animals are mostly visible from the months starting from March till June, when they are in search for water. It is always advisable to visit to take the safari in the cooler months only to avoid the unbearable heat. A word of caution here is to pack warm clothes if planning a visit during the cooler months.

Where to stay:
Accommodation facilities are available for the visitors in the regions near to the park. The rooms are available in every price range, thus suitable for pockets of all walks of life. The staying facilities being near to the National Park provide one of the aesthetic views of the jungle to the visitors.

The safaris run for nearly 2.5 hours. One is at 7am in the morning and another is in the afternoon at 2pm. The visitors are at liberty of choosing the safari in accordance with their convenience. There are 5 zones in this park. The possibility of watching tigers is higher in the zones, 2,3,4 and 5. Zone 6, 7 and 8 lacks animals, but is good for those bunch of people who are desirous of admiring topography.
 Ranthambore safari
Safari tips
There are two options for safari- Gypsy and Canter. If you are few in number, a gypsy is always better. But if you are 20 in number, a canter, which is an open bus is always the best option. Each of the vehicles has a driver and a guide to make the trip comfortable and safe. With online booking, you can even fix the seat in accordance with your comfort.