Tips for first time bungee jumping in Uttarakhand

Bungee jumping has always been on the to-do-list of each and every adventure enthusiast. In bungee jumping, the participant is required to jump off from a high rise structure while being attached to a bungee cord. If you are a beginner for this adventure activity and planning to experience the bungee jumping in Uttarakhand for the first time, then the below mentioned tips manual can be of much use to you. Read further:
bungee jumping

1.      Bungee jumping company
Firstly, make sure that you are indulging in bungee jumping only with a company of good track record and repute. The company must maintain a high safety standard and risk management parameter for its participants. It is advisable to go with the company which has spent a good number of years in this field.
 bungee jumping in India
2.      Equipment
The equipments for bungee jumping in Rishikesh would be given by the outfitter. Always ask the professional company to provide you with equipments. The harness must be examined carefully and see to the fact that it is padded so that your ankle is not hurt while doing bungee jumping.
 bungee jumping in Rishikesh
3.      Not allowed for this sport
Pregnant ladies or individuals with a high blood pressure or abnormally low blood pressure are not allowed for this sport. Those individuals who are having a breathing problem, head, leg or back injury or any other recent injury are advised not to try their hands on this sport.

4.      Bring a friend
Just like one should do gym with a friend, same goes for bungee jumping. You are bound to get tensed and nervous when the time to jump will come. A friend who has to do the same can be a great inspiration. This will also accentuate the level of adventure.
 bungee jumping in Uttarakhand
5.      Location
The point from where you need to jump should be clear of any sort of debris or any suspended object. The location must be high enough to reach the ground, even after the rope stretching.