The Glorious Fort of Tikona

I gaze at the silhouette of this triangular shaped mountain as it stands mysteriously blended with the darkness of the night.
“The route must be from the right side”
“No, I think the route must be from the left side, there is also a bastion on the way.”

Standing at the campsite of Rusticville, I discuss about the possible trails to go with, a night before.  Tikona might be just like any other fort. But it needed to be climbed. Why? Because it is there!

The most interesting part is that I had to climb this tiny fort with 9 children’s who barely had any experience. But kids are much better climbers compared to adults as they are carefree and enthusiastic. So we decide to conquer the fort early in the morning. As I get out of my tent at 5 in the morning, the crescent moon shines elegantly at a distance.

Tikona Fort Trek