Discover Nelong Valley An Affair To Remember Forever

Prior to 1962, the Nelong was one of the most popular trade routes between India and Tibet. But, during the Indo-China war in 1962, the villagers were made to migrate from the valley and the area was under the control of the Indo-Tibetan police and various army checkpoints were established in the place. Since then the valley was closed for the civilians. But, it was in the year 2015, that the Government opened the gates of the Nelong Valley for the civilians after the State Government petition. But, the Indians can visit the valley only after seeking the permission of the SDM, Uttarkashi and Forest Department. Inquisitive to know more about the Nelong Valley? Mentioned below is each and every piece of information about the Nelong Valley that you must read before you plan your visit to this heavenly place. Have a look: