An Idyllic Destination To Enjoy The Thrill And Fun Of Skydiving

Skydive Bay of Islands

All three types of skydiving come with different prices and you can book as per your experience. Usually, the skydiving camps provide the option of jumps with professional training and once you will be out from the plane. The fall is generally from 4,000 feet from the ground and due to the view it offers, it is one of the best places of skydiving in India. It is one of the skydiving option, which you cannot miss if you are true adventure freak and wants to experience something different. Gujrat is the first state in India which has been certified as drop-zone in Deesa and many governmental authorities organize skydiving camps every year. After reaching at the airport in Ahmedabad there are regular buses and trains to Deesa. Pondicherry stands on the top of the list and also the best place for skydiving camps. The sport gains its popularity from 2012 and since then these camps are organized frequently.