Nag Tibba A Trekking Heaven For Beginners

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It is one of the easiest treks which is available for the beginners which is why almost everybody can complete the whole trek without any problems. But when you are starting your journey to unexplored mountains and if you are not used to such places, it is always recommended to carry some of the basic medicines which can be helpful throughout the whole journey like specific medicines for common allergies, cold, headache, and for some common problems as many people who started trekking for the first time faced such problems. In case of emergency, you can also trek back to the Panthwari even at night. There are many small huts also available in which you can spend your whole night if you are going through some medical emergency. Generally, it takes around 2.5 to 3 hours from thetop of the summit to the Panthwari and after reaching to the place, you can hire any vehicle to reach Dehradun.