bungee jumping
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Life is about living to the fullest - not holding back, trying out new things, experiencing once in a life time moments. Don’t ever forego the chance to do something only to live with regret for the rest of your life thinking, “What if?”

How to gather these experiences and garner new interests? The answer is to explore the realm of adventure sports. One of the best adventure sports is bungee jumping. The feeling you get when you see the ground rushing towards you, as you voluntarily jump off from a deadly height, is something that cannot be experienced by listening or watching someone else’s exploits. This feeling is something that can be understood only when the wind whistles through your ears as you jump off from a death defying height with only an elastic cord holding on to your feet. 

You can try this activity in India at many easily accessible places in India. The destinations we have listed offer services of trained and experienced professionals who guarantee a safe bungee jumping experience.  The best time for bungee jumping varies from place to place but it’s better to avoid monsoons and the cold weather at places where the height of the jump is a lot. September to November and February to May are the months which see the most jumps.