Sanasar valleys
It is said that if there is heaven on earth it is undoubtedly in Kashmir. The exquisite beauty of the valleys, the great expanses of hills and the mighty mountains all around form a breathtaking scene. The place if a kaleidoscope of colors, from the many shades of blue of the serene sky to the carpet of lush green grass sprinkled with flowers. Every place is worth visiting in Jammu and Kashmir, and so is Sanasar. This town is 18km from Patnitop and is named after the two lakes and two villages, both called Sana and Sar. Nicknamed the "mini Gulmarg", Sanasar is shaped like a cup, surrounded by conifer clad mountains on the periphery and a deep valley in the middle. This kind of topography is great for paragliding.
Paragliding in Sanasar

Sanasar is 2,080m above the sea level and is a great getaway for adventure sports like paragliding, hot air ballooning, horse riding, trekking, rock climbing, etc. The Jammu and Kashmir Government authorizes and organizes all the adventure activities and also provides equipments needed by you to have fun from shops established by the tourism department.

Not only is this small hamlet great for a relaxing holiday it has a lot to offer for the eyes. The local cuisine is hot and spicy, with a very distinct flavor of traditional infusion of herbs and spices. Take a trek after having your fill and go visit the Shank Pal Temple which is a 5 hour moderate trek from Natha Top. This excursion will lead you to the 400 year old temple situated at a height of 2,800m and is dedicated to Nag Shank Pal. The temple walls have been erected without the use of mortar which makes it even more interesting as the structure still stands strong.
Shank Pal Temple
Once you get on top of Natha top you will have a panoramic view of the Himalayas. Take mental and camera pictures of the mighty Kishtwar range as well as the lower Shiwalik range. Other places to visit are waterfalls, Hidden Creek, Lado-Ladi, Shanta Gala. Surni Kund, among others.

Try rock climbing and abseiling, which includes descending a rugged rock face with the assistance of a rope.
Rock Climbing
Sanasar is known for tandem paragliding that is not very high and thus very safe as compared to other paragliding sites in India. There is a low take off and a high take off area. The low take off site gives you a short but pleasurable swim in the air for about a minute and is great for beginners to learn. It's in a parking lot and takes one over the lakes and lands one in the meadows below. The higher take off is from the Natha Top and depending on the wind conditions the flight can last for 7-8 minutes attaining a height of 1500-2000 ft.
Paragliding at Sanasar Valley

Sanasar can be visited all year round as it's pleasant in the summers and crispy cold during the winter months. But the best time is April to June and September throughout October. One should carry cotton clothes with light woolens to avoid that occasional nip in the air. 
Sana and Sar
Sanasar is best accessed by road. If you have your own vehicle then great otherwise you can take a taxi from Jammu Tavi railway station, which is the nearest railway station. You can also take a flight to Jammu or Srinagar and then go on via road.