A beginner's Guide to Paragliding in India

The charm of flying in the air is just phenomenal, but when you are new to this business, a certain set of beginner tips can prove to be a great help. The tips are just tips, that will help you when you undertake paragliding, no rocket science is involved in it. As you take your first flying, just keep the below mentioned tips in your mind.
Paragliding in India

  •  A good instructor

It's said that only a good teacher can produce good students; the same goes for a good instructor. If you wish to have a good time in paragliding in Manali make sure that your instructor possess the necessary certifications and qualifications required to become an instructor. Your instructor will make you go through a rigorous training session so that you are at your best when you take your first flight of paragliding in India.
Paragliding in Manali

  • Winds

When you take your first flight, make sure you read the winds properly. Ensure that you never undertakes your first flight when the wind is moving at a speed of 12 mph. The heavy winds can pose a significant danger to you by twisting the cables. Only an experienced and advanced parglider can face those heavy winds. At this novice stage, don't attempt to take such a high risk.

  •  Slopes

If you are planning to undertake paragliding in Himachal Pradesh make sure you gain the required understanding about slopes. At the beginning, start with slope with 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. The winds on the slopes at this early stage should be just 15' degrees straight up this slope. If you choose any slope higher than this, it would become really difficult to manage.
Paragliding in Bir

  • Canopy

When you buy your canopy for indulging in paragliding in Bir, make sure you read the recommendations given by the manufacturer. The canopies vary from beginners to advance paragliders. Make sure you get the beginner one which will help you practice and does not go much higher in the air.