Desert Camp in Pushkar – An Exciting Way To Enjoy the Unique Beauty and Tradition of Rajasthan

For people who want to try out a truly unique and enthralling adventure activity, a camping trip in Pushkar is just the right thing to do. Camping out for a few days in the vast sandy expanse of this holy town can prove to be truly exciting and memorable. The unique beauty of the dry desert region combined with the heartwarming hospitality of Pushkar Royal Safari Camp leaves the visitors completely mesmerized.
 Pushkar royal safari camp
Pushkar holds special religious significance amongst the Hindus as it is the only place on earth to have a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, the creator.  Every year a grand camel fair is help in the vicinity of this temple which is attended by devotees as well as tourists in large number. It is also one of the best times to enjoy the adventure of desert camp in Pushkar, as the participants get an insight into the rich colorful life as well as the art and culture of Rajasthan.
 Camping in Pushkar
There are several tour operators and agents who organize a desert camping trip in the area. What makes these camps truly unique is that they offer an entirely different experience as compared to camping in the wilderness or in thick forests. Most importantly, Pushkar adventure desert camp is less prone to risk of attacks from wild animals other such camping hazards. The only risk that participants face is that of getting lost in the desert unless they stick to the camping guidelines or choose venture out into the unknown desert on their own.  
Contrary to what most people think camping in the dry wilderness is quite an interesting activity. The dry land has much to offer in terms of biodiversity and natural beauty. Most importantly it offers a pleasant break from the usual routine of camping in lush green areas which rarely offer a clear view of the night sky, which can be easily enjoyed in the open expanse of the desert!